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New T3 Athlete: Beginner

This series will train your general athletic capacity and teach you movements every athlete at T3 Performance should do well. This includes proper squatting mechanics and hip hinges movements without any heavy weights. You will also get a fair amount of running and conditioning in the first month, to raise your total output in the months moving forward. Be ready!

General Fitness
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8 Week Plan
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    Month 1

    4 Weeks
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    Month 2

    4 Weeks

Plan Schedule

1. Month 1

This phase will challenge and train your squats & 'hip hinge' with dumbbells. Each workout will also end with some conditioning to push your general endurance.

2. Month 2

Month 2 will continue honing your squat and deadlift patterns under load. Expect an increase in reps when working out to bring up the total volume of your training. You will also begin lateral and multidirectional agility exercises, focused on effectively changing directions and sprinting.